Another crunchy wafer variant with Chocolate cream, highly munching type with very good chocolate taste, irresistible to stop eating. this biscuit.

Fairy Vanilla Creamed Wafer

Highly crunchy , full of vanilla cream with high level of pleasant vanilla smell with buttery and sugary cream both for adults and children.

Golden Premier Wafer

Highly crunchy, full cream orange flavored wafer, Perfectly made to give that sweet and smooth taste for both adults and children.

Golden Berry Wafer

Strawberry flavored wafer, made to bring an explosion of excitement in your mouth. sweet and smooth with all the creamy goodness for both adults and children.


A colorful and delicious treat made to add color to the fun, Crunchy and creamy pineapple wafer made with the finest Pineapple flavor and creamy goodness, enjoy with a friend to spread the fun.